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Open Letter to Bob Alexander, Democratic Candidate for Congress in East Lansing


Congratulations on the Lansing State Journal’s endorsement of you. I read with some amusement the State News' endorsement of [ultra-right-wing Republican incumbent] Rogers, in which they expressed "wholehearted" disagreement with Rogers on jobs, Iraq and gay rights, and didn't express disagreement with you on a single political position, but rather focused on your “self-defeatist rhetoric.” It seems like your crime is that....um....you probably won't win, since its a gerrymandered Republican district, and you admitted to being a long shot. That's it. I'm glad to see that the State News editorial board at least has consistent standards. They are on record as agreeing with me (and thus disagreeing with Joel Ferguson) on the inappropriateness of the Board holding closed meetings, on keeping the medical school where it is and on other issues. (Out of the 9 running for the 2 open slots, the *only* two candidates opposed to moving the College of Human Medicine to Grand Rapids are Phil Thompson and myself. I am the only candidate even talking about a "sunshine policy" to ensure that meetings where important decisions are made are never again made behind closed doors...and the one and only candidate saying that MSU employees should be paid a living wage, that MSU shouldn't be conducting military research during an illegal war, and that MSU should join U of M and well over a hundred other universities in joining the Workers' Rights Consortium to guarantee that Spartan apparel won't be manufactured in third world sweatshops.) So, when they first got wind of my candidacy back in March, the State News put out a double-length editorial on me called, "No Chance."

I won't claim to understand their reasoning, but I'm at least glad to see that it's consistent.


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